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UG Design Module Matrix (options)

In the matrix of modules below the following applies.

BDes Design and communication students must do all compulsory modules (C). In year two, select 3 from the 4 options in semester one. these modules are paired with modules in semester two year two and semester one year three as indicated with the letters (A, B, C and D). The minor projects provide general problem based briiefs and students may respond using which ever discipline they are specialising in. These choices allow you to focus your study along certain pathways. Please also see the handbook links below. The appendices have examples of pathways suited to certain career choices.

BSc Creative Computing studetns should following these guidelines in their module choices.


Module code Module name year / semester mode
DES108 Issues in Visual Culture 1/1 C
DES110 Typography 1/2 C
DES121 Introduction to Design 1/1 C
DES122 Drawing 1/1 C
DES123 Mark Making 1/2 C
DES124 Introduction to 3D design 1/2 C
BMS304 Physiology and Anatomy for Designers 2/1 O
DES306 Graphic Design (screen)- A 2/1 O
DES307 3D Object design- B 2/1 O
DES314 Interaction Design- C 2/1 O
DES312 3D Object simulation- B 2/2 O
DES316 Animation- D 2/1 O
DES317 Graphic Design (Screen)- A 2/2 O
DES320 User-Centred Design- C 2/2 O
DES322 The Moving Image- D 2/2 O
DES309 Industrial placemnt: Diploma of Professional Practice 3P O
DES313 Arts Abroad: Diploma of International Academic Studies 3P O
DES507 Innovation: Graphic design- A 3 O
DES509 Major Design Project-  A, B, C, D 3 C
DES516 Professional Practice Design Projects - A, B, C, D 3 O
DES514 Innovation: 3D design-  B 3 O
DES515 Innovation: Animation/ moving image- D 3 O
CRE514 Digital Compositing 3 O
DES518 Major project report-  A, B, C, D 3 C



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